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Monday, June 10, 2013

Wisconsin Living

This weekend flew by!  Friday I went to pole.  It was an exciting class!  One of my pole friends brought a guy.  It was really interesting to see what he could do.  I thought it was awesome that he could see past the stereotypes of pole dancing and jump right in.  Almost immediately he was upside down, learning the most challenging moves.  I stopped myself from being completely jealous that he skipped months ahead of my progress. :P Instead, I started realizing that he too had a lot of work to do.  Woman seem to have excessive amounts of grace and sex appeal [probably why the pole is correlated with women and sex], but put a man on the pole and you can see a crazy amount of strength and power [not so much grace].  Once women gain the muscle [which is going to take me months], the moves look easy because of the finesse and elegance that come natural.  Men on the pole exude strength, but they need to gain that finesse and elegance to make it seamless and graceful.  Let's just say what he had in strength, he lacked in flexibility. ;)

I am gaining so much confidence at pole.  It's allowing me to push forward and learn awesome moves like the Gemini:

Gemini- June 7, 2013

As you all know, I moved to Wisconsin at the end of the summer last year.  It has been an interesting transition for me, as I lived right outside of Washington, D.C. for school and then moved the the middle of nowhere in Texas before coming here; I have a lot to compare Wisconsin to.  I've learned that Wisconsin is known for it's cheese, especially it's cheese curds.  Fairs and carnivals are huge in the summer here, and usually the cheese curds at fairs are the BEST. 

I went to two fairs this weekend.  The first was on Friday night; the boyfriend brough me to the Summer Frolic in Mount Horeb, WI.  I had never heard of a "beer tent" until I moved here.  A beer tent is basically an outside bar at a fair.  There are usually bands and lots of drunk people.  Before I knew all of this, I could have sworn my boyfriend was bringing me to "Mount Horror."  I expected a haunted maze or something.  Close enough; it is super creepy walking through the shut down carnival rides to go home......

Mt. Horeb Summer Frolic

I don't know if Wisconsin is also known for truck pulls, tractor pulls, and/or mud drags, but there sure are a lot of them.  I really had no clue what these were until I moved here as well.  Basically, a bunch of uhhhh douchey guys soup up their cars and attempt to pull ridiculous amounts of weight on a dirt track.  Its a lot more fun to watch than it sounds.  The boyfriend an I went to a carnival in Deerfield on Saturday and got to watch a truck pull. :p For some reason, every single truck had a cheap decal with an overused sexual inuendo about their truck [ex. Cum'n Hard, Its really that wide, etc]. They make it way too easy to make fun of them and their overcompensation ;)

Deerfield - Tractor Pull
Hope your weekend was fun!! :)
<3 Lauren

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  1. We haven't lived in Wisconsin before but are lucky enough to have relatives who do that we visit a lot over the years. We LOVE it up there ^.^

    Can't say I've ever been to much fairs up that way though. They sound like fun!

    You're pretty lucky you witnessed a guy in pole class. Apparently that's a VERY rare occurrence. It was pretty awesome though and I totally agree with your assessment xD


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