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Friday, May 31, 2013

Beginning My Journey [Before Picture]

Every year in January the gyms fill up, but by February it seems people have fallen off the bandwagon for various reasons.  I've heard things like "I'm just too busy," "I'm too tired," "I don't like the gym," etc.  The reason I stopped going shortly after January began was because of an injury.  I was angry and frustrated.  I took a tumble that wasn't my fault.  The most frustrating thing is that I had just gained the best mindset about my fitness goals; this year was going to be different.  I wasn't going to drown myself in food and sit on the couch when I got home from work. 

Well, it turned out that that is exactly what I ended up doing.  I could barely walk.  I went to the doctors; a few x-rays and an MRI later I found out that I had torn both meniscus in my left knee.  Cool.  The doctor told me if I was still having problems after a few weeks of physical therapy I would need surgery.  Fast forward about three weeks- I needed surgery.  I scheduled it for the next week after that [February 21, 2013] and before I knew it I was laid up on a couch for a month!  I could barely move and I couldn't go to work.  Even after the month of sitting on a couch, attempting to bend my knee as instructed by the physical therapist, I still couldn't walk normal, go up or down stairs, or get in the shower or my car very easily.

Sexy hospital socks [February 2013]

Not being able to exercise is terrible for a person's body image.  My confidence took a hit.  I was felt fat and I didn't think what went into my body really mattered because hey, I already looked gross.... :/

Thank god for my boyfriend.  He knew I wasn't happy and encouraged me to get my gym membership back and start going with him.  Even with my ankle-to-thigh brace on, he got me to the gym and to work upper body with him.  The next day I was so sore! I missed that feeling so much; it felt like I had accomplished something.  He also got me back into cooking for us.  I love planning healthy nutritious meals.  It's better for our bodies and our wallets ;)

It is incredibly hard to keep in mind that results aren't over night.  I won't look like Megan Fox tomorrow [I wish....and so does the boyfriend] even if I work my hardest and push myself.  It is now the end of May and I still can't run for more than three minutes without a sharp reminder that my knee hasn't fully healed.  You may know from my last post that I started taking pole classes, and so far it hasn't hurt my knee.  I am actually going again tonight....SUPER EXCITED!

In the past two months I have gained a better attitude, diet, and exercise routine.  I love seeing how much progress I have made from one week to the next.  I never knew how much potential my body really had.  I am not only becoming strong physically, I am becoming stronger mentally.  I can handle stress better, I look forward to working out instead of dreading how terrible I'll look in my gym shorts, and I can wear tight clothes without worrying about rolls.  Gross.

Here is my 'before' picture.  I have been working out for two months, but I don't think I could ever show the world my real 'before' pic.  It is too embarassing still.

My 'Before' picture-Sorry about the toilet and awkward face. lol [May 2013]
I still need to figure out how to upload my pole videos.  I will also be back with measurements :)

<3 Lauren

P.S. I can't believe today is the last day in May.  This year is flyyyyying by!


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hey There! Welcome!

Welcome to my blog, I'm Lauren!  My first post should probably be all about me, but I am just going to jump in because I want to tell everyone about how much fun I had yesterday!  You will get to know me as you read :)
Yesterday I started POLE FITNESS at Pole Chicks in Rockford, IL.
I guess one of the first questions might be why? Why pole? Well I guess I have been inspired by my best friend, from my hometown, Amanda.  Amanda started her own blog, Inspired, at the end of 2011.  She has posted about inspiring, inspiring stories, and even some inspiring recipes :) mmmmmm nom.  She begin pole dancing in October 2012 and has become an AMAZINGGGGG pole dancer/ teacher already!!  She is super fit, health conscious, in shape and is one of my biggest heros/inspiration. 

Another reason I decided to try, is because going to the gym was getting super repetative.  I do love going to the gym, especially with my boyfriend who pushes me to my limits and laughs with me when I fail miserably, but doing the same thing over and over gets boring.  And the last reason- I miss performing. 

I went to my first dance recital to watch my sister strut her stuff on stage when I was four [I think].  That's when I knew I would become a dancer when I grew up.  Sadly, that didn't happen.  I actually was forced to quit and get a "real" career when I went to college.  Don't get me wrong, I love the food industry, but I had dance in my life ever since I was four and then I had to quit cold turkey.  Anyways, I miss performing....and I am super out of shape, and now I strangely get super nervous talking or doing things in front of people [which needs to stop].

I finally took the [one of the] first steps to being a happier, healthier me.  I have been stalking Pole Chick's monthly deals on their website since the end of last year.  I knew I didn't want to pay for a super expensive monthly rate if there was a possibility I would hate it.  I'd say I waited until the right moment.  $25.00 for unlimited monthly pole classes and yoga on Tuesdays! Yippeeeeee!

So, yesterday I started pole fitness.

I am excited to report back and tell you that I absolutely LOVE pole.  Even though it was my first class, and today I am super duper sore, I cannot wait to go again.  I was really lucky because I was literally the only person in the first class [AKA I got one-on-one time with the instructer for the entire hour I was there].  We started with jumping jacks and squats, did some pull pole ups, and learned all about how to keep the pole sticky, not slick; she had me spinning around the pole within the first ten minutes I was there.  I'd say we did about fifteen different spins and poses in that hour.  I couldn't even tell you the names of all the spins and poses we did; hopefully I get those down soon.  I was really excited about how well I climed up the pole, and how I didn't lose [all] my coordination in the years since dance.  I had to stop five minutes before the class was up because my toes would not stop cramping, most likely from all the pointing.  I hadn't done that in yearssss. 

I am so proud that I found the confidence to do this.  I am going to credit my boyfriend a lot on that one :)  I don't think he has ever seen me so excited about anything.  I'm sure you will be able to tell by my facial expressions in the video I'll post soon, how happy I was, even at the end of class with cramped toes and sore muscles.

I did learn that I have a fear of going sideways....nevermind upside down :/  I'll work on that.

Welp, I am hooked.

<3 Lauren

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