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Monday, July 1, 2013

Back and Bi's

Hello lovers!

I hope you all had a great weekend!! I am in a super good mood because this work week is only two and a half days long! Yes!! I love holiday weekends.  Also because after next week I go on vacation with my amazing parents and the best sister in the entire world!  Can you tell I'm excited about life right now?!  Look at all these exclamation marks!

I surprisingly didn't take any pictures this weekend...I should have!  We went to the boyfriend's boss's house for his little boy's 6th birthday party!  I am so happy I missed the cake.  That would have been diet over, right there.  There were tons of cutie-patooties and sparklers and even fireworks.

My favorite part was when the boyfriend and I escaped to the swing set.  We couldn't stop giggling while swinging back and forth.  I felt so carefree.  No stress in the world...but now its back to work.  Boo :(  But this girl has to make a living somehow. :P

Yesterday the boyfriend and I walked to the gym to do back and bi's.  Here is the workout.  Please don't make fun of how weak I am.  I am progressing like crazy...and you'd be jealous of how rock hard my bicepts are.


Back and Bi's

Warm-up: Pull ups.
Assisted with 110 lbs. As many as you can.
Getting better, considering in April I needed 140 lbs of help [basically my whole].
Standing One-Arm Cable Curl:
3 sets of 10
20 lbs
Spider Curl [E-Z Bar Curl]:
3 sets of 8
10 lbs [5 lbs each side]
Bent Over Barbell Row:
3 sets of 8
10 lbs [5 lbs each side]
Cable Rear Delt Row:
3 sets of 10
40 lbs
One Arm Lat Pulldown:
3 sets of 10
20 lbs
Wide Grip Pulldown Behind the Neck:
3 sets of 10
60 lbs
[woah I used to only be able to do 40 a few weeks ago!!!]
So a few weeks ago, I tried to start running.  I haven't gotten far.  Maybe 0.3 miles before I have to stop because of my knee pain.  But seriously, it is really hard to do this on a treadmill watching TV when this commercial comes on:
Sorry for the terrible pic - as I was trying to run!
Uhhhh seriously?! Maybe TV on the treadmill is not a good idea.
xoxo Lauren

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