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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

If You Pole, You Will Like Cats. Fact.

I find it commical that almost everyone in the pole community is a cat lover.
I bet the fact that I got a cat two and a half years ago directly correlates with the fact that I became a poler.
I guess if I ever get super good at pole, I'll owe it to that fateful day in April 2011 when I found Penny. :p
 So here are some pics I took of the love of my life yesterday.  She is the cutest thing on this planet and if you stick around you will get to know her real well.

Sorry about the quality of the pics. I'm still basically a broke college student and haven't been able to get a nice camera :p

I am also in love with all of these pole comics that Pole Dancing Adventures shares.  This one is hilarious to me.
Have a good day!
XO Lauren


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