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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fast Forward

So a month or so ago my pole teacher brought in her aerial hoop.  I played around a little, got a lot of bruises, and fell in love.

One day I dream to look like this lovely lady. I wish I could fast forward and just be balls-to-the-wallz amazing.
Pshhhhhh. You probably thought that was me huh?...I'm blushing ;)
If you haven't noticed I decided to take a short break from pole.  It is super far away from my house and gas is disgustingly expensive.
I am saving to buy my own so I can practice ALL the time and get AWESOME pics for ya'll.
Get excited. 
I almost have enough to buy one. AHHH.
XO The future aerial hoopist, Lauren


  1. I can't get over what some people can do with a pole or an aerial hoop!

    1. Honestly it's the most amazing sport. I can't wait to show off once I have my own pole ;)

  2. I hope you buy that pole soon and show us some sweet pictures! :)


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