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Monday, September 30, 2013

One Year, Muffin Fail, and Twelve Minutes to Work Out

My weekend was really great.  Boyfriend came home from a two week long work trip to Canada.
He brought me out to celebrate one year since we met at the same restaurant where we met.
Super cute.

1 year since we met.
September 2013
Sunday was time to get things done.
I did like five loads of laundry, attempted to work out, made muffins twice, and did all my dishes!
My first attempt at making muffins was a huge fail.
I forgot the flour :(.

So embarrassed.
My workout:
Each exercise for 25 seconds, 5 second rests in between.
Mountain climbers (abs)
Toe touches (abs)
Kickbacks (abs, booty)
Burpees (entire body)
Repeat 6 times
I was really sad that I couldn't finish this 12 minute workout.  My knee started hurting from the mountain climbers and burpees.
This is a super intense workout even though it's only 12 min.
Try it; I dare you!

Ohh I almost forgot...
We also put a shelf up in the bathroom. 
I am so happy boyfriend is handy.

I obviously need to put a picture in the frame
and find a better place for my makeup
than a plastic bag. :p

Happy Monday!
XOXO Lauren

Friday, September 27, 2013

Do Something About It

I have been so down on myself in the past about NEEDING to work out and eat right to the point where I got so sad about it and depressed that I couldn't do anything.  I would only crave bad foods, give in, and then hate myself for it.  I would get all excited about working out and then remember my knee hurts or that I'm going to get sweaty and I already showered.
I kept making excuses.
I have realized that I am the one in control.  It has nothing to do with cravings and I can tell them to shut the EFF up.
I am in control of the hours I have in my day.  
Tell your excuses to get out of your head.  You can do it!
I LOVE the feeling I get from working out.  I LOVE the confidence I get from working out.  I LOVE my body for letting me work out. 
Why do I make excuses not to?  Who knows, women can be crazy...
Grab your yoga mats, weights, cute booty shorts, and stop watches.  Let's work out.
Thank you for listening to me motivate myself! You are the best.
XO Lauren
How do you motivate yourself?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back To It and My Cutie

  I have said EFF IT!
I started running again.  Actually jogging...
Scratch that, I walk fast with a hop.
I was getting really down on myself.
I felt fat, and lazy.
I needed to do something, so I went for a jog and iced real well after. 
Pause for a cute picture.
My little cutie, Penny always feels as though she needs to be on top of me.
Literally all the time.
After my run. Icing my knee.

Back to the important stuff...
A constant battle in my life is equilibrium.
I have been struggling with this since I was younger.
I haven't found a happy medium.
It is strange how happy I get from helping people out, but it is also a handicap for me.
I can't balance helping with my own life...
If I help, I go all out and you could take everything from me before I realize.
It has happened to me multiple times in this past year.
I can't balance time, money, exercise, diet, etc.
For a few months I'll be a beast, and I love working out, then a switch goes off and I don't want to move a muscle.
It is the same with my diet.
I love food, I love junk food, but with the fluxuation of exercise I end up feeling guilty and my diet ends up fluxuating as well.
My biggest goal is to find balance.
Equilibrium (noun): a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced.
Synonyms: balance, symmetry, equipoise, parity, equality
I need to make this a priority.
XO Lauren

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