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Monday, September 30, 2013

One Year, Muffin Fail, and Twelve Minutes to Work Out

My weekend was really great.  Boyfriend came home from a two week long work trip to Canada.
He brought me out to celebrate one year since we met at the same restaurant where we met.
Super cute.

1 year since we met.
September 2013
Sunday was time to get things done.
I did like five loads of laundry, attempted to work out, made muffins twice, and did all my dishes!
My first attempt at making muffins was a huge fail.
I forgot the flour :(.

So embarrassed.
My workout:
Each exercise for 25 seconds, 5 second rests in between.
Mountain climbers (abs)
Toe touches (abs)
Kickbacks (abs, booty)
Burpees (entire body)
Repeat 6 times
I was really sad that I couldn't finish this 12 minute workout.  My knee started hurting from the mountain climbers and burpees.
This is a super intense workout even though it's only 12 min.
Try it; I dare you!

Ohh I almost forgot...
We also put a shelf up in the bathroom. 
I am so happy boyfriend is handy.

I obviously need to put a picture in the frame
and find a better place for my makeup
than a plastic bag. :p

Happy Monday!
XOXO Lauren

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