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Friday, September 27, 2013

Do Something About It

I have been so down on myself in the past about NEEDING to work out and eat right to the point where I got so sad about it and depressed that I couldn't do anything.  I would only crave bad foods, give in, and then hate myself for it.  I would get all excited about working out and then remember my knee hurts or that I'm going to get sweaty and I already showered.
I kept making excuses.
I have realized that I am the one in control.  It has nothing to do with cravings and I can tell them to shut the EFF up.
I am in control of the hours I have in my day.  
Tell your excuses to get out of your head.  You can do it!
I LOVE the feeling I get from working out.  I LOVE the confidence I get from working out.  I LOVE my body for letting me work out. 
Why do I make excuses not to?  Who knows, women can be crazy...
Grab your yoga mats, weights, cute booty shorts, and stop watches.  Let's work out.
Thank you for listening to me motivate myself! You are the best.
XO Lauren
How do you motivate yourself?

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