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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Curvy and Muscular is the New Stick Thin

I am going to write today on a topic most women I know have an issue with.  Accepting yourself, loving yourself, and being comfortable in your own skin.

I have never been one to show how uncomfortable I am, or how proud I am about my body, but my blog is giving me a voice.  I'd like to use my voice to better myself and anyone reading.  I don't want to put myself down, or make anyone uncomfortable.

I am not perfect.  I don't think anyone is...not even Kate Upton or Channing Tatum [although I'm not sure, they just might be :P].  I have many flaws.  I don't like my feet, I have huge arms, and I have strech marks on my thighs.  I can only imagine the strech marks I'll get after I have a kid [not for a long time, but still].  I worry that I will gain a bunch of weight and just hate myself, but the fact is, I have surrounded myself with people who will love me no matter what.  So why wouldn't I do the same?  My boyfriend didn't even know what strech marks are!! Bless his heart. He makes me feel great.

I have learned that weight [as a number] doesn't matter, it is how you feel and the fact that you are healthy.  I am not saying to go eat everything [wahoo! Lauren said weight doesn't matter... uh no], too much fat may be an issue, but if you are beefed up with muscle you may weigh a little more.  And that is a-okay.  Obviously having muscle is healthier than having fat, but a little fat here and there is really no big deal. 

I have been dealing with a little belly flab for a while.  It seems like it really likes its home around my belly.  I am still going to strive to be healthy and stay fit, but I will not beat myself up over the [healthy] amount of fat around my belly, even around my thighs.

I'm sorry about all the selfies in the bathroom :p

I live in Wisconsin.  Let's be real.  I eat crazy amounts of cheese in the form of fried cheese curds.  I won't beat myself up.  I am just going to try to eat balanced meals for every other meal.  I will not give up on my health.  One "cheat meal," isn't cheating.  It isn't the end of your "diet."  It isn't indulging.  It is being happy and comfortable enough to treat yourself.

My first pole class I went to do a pole sit into a figure four.  The pole basically grips your inner thighs and seriously makes your cellulite VERY apparent.  I let go of the pole and fell.  Why? I was not ready to see that.  It made me feel awful.  I have since gotten over it.  After talking to a few people who had the same experience, I now know its normal.  It isn't like you can see cellulite there just looking at me.  I am never going to be stick thin, I will always be slightly thicker than a model, but who cares.  I have learned to make it sexy, and honestly bigger thighs help me grip the pole.  :)

Doesn't hurt that curvy and muscular is the new stick thin.


What I've Learned in a Month of Pole Dancing:

1.  Learning takes time.  Do not give up or be hard on yourself if you don't get a move immediatley. 
2.  There is really no such thing as failure, just practice.
3.  Everyone is beautiful in their own way.  Our bodies are all different.  It is easier to accept everyone else and have fun once you get over how you look.  Strip down to your skivvies and get used to it.  Your body is here to stay.
4.  Everyone is a teacher.  Yes there is a structure to class, but you can learn something from every single person in that room.

I am positive I've learned more, but those are some of the main things.  Just love who you are, and don't give up on yourself.

xoxo Lauren


  1. YOU POLE DANCE?!?!?! SO COOL! I've always thought it would be a good workout but I have ZERO coordination... dancing on a pole sounds dangerous! lol

    I'm glad you are starting to accept yourself and realize that numbers don't matter, it's about a healthy lifestyle and loving yourself and loving others. (Funny how it's so easy to acknowledge, but so hard to actually DO?!)

    I hate my thighs. I think my face is too round and fat. I could go on and on. But my husband loves my face and, as my cousin pointed out, my thighs are what get me up hills and through races. The things I'm hating about myself are what make me ME. And that doesn't always help- it almost never makes the sick feeling go away when I stare in the mirror and critique myself.

    But it keeps me from going off the diet-deep-end and keeps me sane. Than, and good friends and good wine :)

    1. Honestly you would do great! I can tell you have the determination and personality of a poler :)

  2. Love reading your blog, boo! Here's to thicker thighs ;)! Love you!

    1. SARAH! I miss you so much. Thanks for reading. It means a lot to me :)

  3. Amen!! Upon entering my 20's and no longing having the same figure I did when I was 16, I use to beat myself up CONSTANTLY!! Now I am more focused on being a strong, healthy women than a size 0! (It is amazing how much pole has helped with that ;-) ) Love you and you are beautiful my dear!! See you at class!!

    Strong is the new skinny!!

    1. Hi Hannah!!! Thanks so much :) and seriously...guys don't even think a size 0 is hott...because you'll look 16 and that would be creepy and skeleton like at our age!

  4. I completely agree! Being FIT, having TONE, becoming a healthier person on the inside and out is so much more important than just being skinny.

  5. I Lauren, I found your blog through my bestie Heather's Run like a G! promo post.

    Can I just say I love this post and live by the phrase Strong is the New Skinny (it's actually written on the shirt I'm wearing right now..go figure!) and it's so awesome you are promoting being strong and muscular! I also have stretch marks on my thighs and I am so glad I am not the only one! I got them, I believe, from some serious toning. I was mortified at first, but now consider them 'battle scars' of sorts that I am proud of.

    Great blog! :)

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    1. I'm so sorry I haven't gotten back to you. I don't really go onto message boards :/ If you want, email me and I can give you some other good blogs!


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