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Friday, June 7, 2013

Measurements Part 1

A few nights ago the boyfriend took my measurements and I took his.  I had to keep in mind that mens' bodies are built wayyyy different than womans' bodies.  I didn't want to get jealous that he has a bigger chest and a smaller waist ;)
June 05,2013
LEFT ARM - 12"
RIGHT THIGH - 24.25"
BOOTY - 41.75"
HIPS - 35.5"
WAIST - 31.75"
CHEST - 36"
I am hoping to take these measurements every month.  I actually do not care what happens to the measurements.  I care more about how I look and feel, but I figured this would be a neat way to keep track of my bod.
Predictions: I think that my arms and my thighs will get bigger, but my booty, hips, waist and chest are all going to get smaller.
Maybe next time I should measure my calves too.  I wasn't really thinking while doing this!

Here is a picture of Penny [my cat, obviously] to keep you entertained :) I love this little girl so much.

The cutest little devil munchkin ever!
<3 Lauren


  1. Aw, hi penny! I miss her and you so much! I saw the pics of you on the pole in the more recent posts. You look awesome! Keep up the good work! xo

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