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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

They Weren't Lying

They weren't lying. Pole is hard. I didn't get any awesome pics tonight because I didn't get any new poses. I did get this one tho:

OUCHIES: Bruises from pole are no joke.

The first two weeks were exciting, getting  to know all the basics and having them come easy.  Now it's time for the real challenge.  I have to work hard at pole, at yoga, and at the gym in order to keep improving.  I am going to try to focus on strengthening my abs and gaining flexibility [all while continuing my usual workout routine and adding in some cardio].  Basically, I am going to be living at the gym. ;) 

I am getting really antsy for my monthy picture in a few weeks.  I haven't really stuck to my eating healthy diet in the morning.  Dunkin Donuts is just wayyyy too tempting when I have an entire 8x11 sheet of paper filled with coupons.  Ahhhh donuts and sweet delicious coffe :/  I need to quit it, ASAP.  At work I stick to my healthy eating, and when I get home it hasn't been too difficult eating a salad or whipping up some sort of protein/veggie combo. 

Since I started pole, my schedule and the boyfriend's schedule just don't match up for dinner most nights.  I feel bad because I love cooking, and I think he loves when I cook for him, but it just can't happen every night.  I'm definitely torn about this because on one hand I think it brings us together while we sit and talk and eat, but now that I'm on a health kick, I doubt he wants a huge salad for dinner every night.

Nom Nom

On a completely different note, it finally feels like summer here in Wisco! I got to lay by the pool during lunch yesterday :)  ......And now today it is gross and rainy, BUT STILL WARMMMM.

The pool on my lunch break :) Living the life.
I acutally cropped this picture because my inner thighs are covered in bruises from pole.  Ohhhh the life of a pole

<3 Lauren

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