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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

No More Alcohol

Lets just say I am not doing the best on my nutrition goals.  I had two cheat meals, a milkshake, and creamer in my coffee in the last few days.  Time to buckle down.  I have a date with my bikini and the pool in a few days and I want to look fab. lol

I have decided that I really do need to cut out alcohol.  Drinking is really fun, but it really hasn't fit into my life recently.  The boyfriend sent me a text yesterday that really got me thinking:

"I'd love to just get in great shape and do fun things.  Really, how memorable is a night at the bar??"
- Boyfriend

He is soooooo right.  I have had so many fun nights at the bar with friends and with the boyfriend, but they are all the same and then they ruin the rest of the weekend with dehydration and headaches.  Curse you hangoversssss.

Since I joined the actual workforce, I have realized that the only time I have to do anything is on the weekends; when I drink, I never have the energy to do those things.

Soooooo the boyfriend and I came up with a to-do list for the weekends.  :)  Here ya go...any suggestions, email me!

Things to do in Madison and Milwaukee, WI

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