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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Upside Down

I WENT UPSIDE DOWN...I was terrified to go upside down. I watched someone else do it last night and then just got the urge to throw myself into it. I don't know how it happened, or where this urge came from. It is kind of blurry in my memory [probably all that adrenaline], but I did it on my second try! I said I was hooked on pole before, but I am REALLY hooked now! Take a look :D

Almost a Scorpio. We didn't catch the actual Scorpio on camera- I swear I did one though!
So last night at pole was amazing. I met so many women who just started pole. Some women were young, some older, but we all bonded over the impossible difficult moves attempted. Shannon was the teacher last night [the cute little blonde in the corner in the second pic]; she kicked our butts! I am still exhausted today thinking about how much energy I used last night. 

It was seriously so amazing how graceful Shannon was getting in and out of certain poses. I just look at her and hope that one day I'll be as strong and beautiful on the pole.  Going to different classes and seeing different instructors keeps me motivated.  I am beginning to understand how hard it is to make the moves look effortless.  You would see how awful it looks before you perfect a move if I were able to upload the videos of myself. :p

My boyfriend mentioned that I have been so much happier since I started. For some reason I had a preconceived notion that life was kind of over after college. No more fun. But to be honest, my new hobby is proving the notion wrong. Completely wrong. 

Now my next statement is going to be a bold one, especially for people who have known me for years. Ready?  I am starting to think that I enjoy pole MORE THAN DANCE!  WHATTTT!? Let me explain.  Because I began dancing at such a young age, the skill developed with my body.  It didn't seem that difficult to master a new step or achieve my goals.  I was super active and it was easy for me.  I can't tell you when I learned such and such a step or when I got so flexible; it wasn't that memorable.  Now, my body is developed and although it is going to be more difficult to learn, I will embrace the learning process and the struggle along the way.  Actually, saying that it is a struggle gives the process a negative connotation.  I will say that it is a FUN struggle...full of laughs and people who are mega supportive.  I am beyond excited to see the development [I'm sorry if I start to sound like a broken record talking about that].


Nice view of the crotch area. lol

I also took yoga last night for the first time since my surgery!  I really think that it is going to help strech out the back of my knee.  Recently I have been discouraged to strech on my own because I know how flexible I used to be.  I know its unrealistic to think I would keep my flexibility after five months of not stretching AT ALL, but for some reason I am super disappointed that it's gone. :(

I guess I should have taken pics of some yoga poses or something...maybe next time! 

I came home re-energized from and with tons of weird looking bruises in strange places....I was going to post a picture, but they are seriously in the weirdest most awkward places. So, sorry people. No pics of the bruises.

Talk to you next time,
<3 Lauren

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  1. YAYYYYY YOU WENT UPSIDE DOWN!!! I told you it is fun!!!! Awesome job lauren! You are progressing so quickly! Don't forget to practice everything you have learned and not just moving onto the next new thing. I wish I did that more haha

    I am so happy you love pole so much. I knew you would! I can't wait to pole together when I come visit!


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