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Monday, June 24, 2013

Boats and Bikinis

I am in love with Noodles & Co new discovery is how delicious their salads are with the tofu on it! Nommmmmm!

Chinese Chop Salad with Tofu!

Sunday the boyfriend and I went boating with our friends.  This is after he convinced me that no one was going to make fun of me in my bikini.  I still wouldn't allow pictures of me in it...buttt tomorrow is my next monthy photo. Oh gosh, I am NOT ready for that.

Like I said though, we went boating with some friends.  Newly wed friends.  I was so excited to talk to them about their wedding!! They had just gotten married last weekend on a beach on Lake Michigan.  They only did a small wedding with immediate family, and the pics I saw were beautiful! We don't get to see them much so this boating trip was fantastic.  The boys threw a football around and the ladies hung around the boat talking and gushing about the wedding.  I'm super excited for the big reception they are having in September :)

Such a good lookin fellow.

He will kill me if he knows this is up....shhhh

Sorry I haven't given any pole updates.  I had to take Thursday off because I accidentally took most of my pointer finger nail off while skinning a sweet potato.  I am definitely going tomorrow...I think I have withdrawl symptoms.  I neeeed to pole soon or I will go crazy.

xoxo Lauren

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