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Monday, June 10, 2013

I Work Out

I have been lifting a lot since the boyfriend got me to go to the gym again.  As some might know, gaining muscle is a great way to boost calorie burn.  I have seen some great results already from lifting- and I am not even doing much cardio, actually no cardio [because of my knee].  I am supposed to build up my muscle before doing any impact cardio, like running.


Hammy's, Glutes, Quads, and Calf Workout we did Sunday night!

Squats: 3 Sets of 15
Body weight
Leg Press: 3 sets of 15
85 lbs, 85 lbs, 70 lbs
Glute Ham Raise: 3 sets of 15
40 lbs
Standing Calf Raise: 3 sets of 15
Body weight
Calf Press Machine: 3 sets of 15
115 lbs
Inner Thigh Machine: 3 sets of 15
50lbs, 50 lbs, 40 lbs
Outer Thigh Machine: 3 sets of 15
50 lbs
If you choose to do this workout, you don't have to do the same amount of weight.  Weights listed under the exercises are what I used, not the boyfriend- he is a beast.  I was pretty upset that I couldn't squat more, but I guess it is understandable since I took a five month break for knee surgery.  Gettin back into it :)

Here are two more pics my friend sent me from Friday's pole class
Better pic of the Gemini

IDK what this is called....I forgot
<3 Lauren


  1. I didn't realize you lift! I'm actually trying to get into strength training and weight lifting but I'm not quite sure where or how to start so I'll definitely keep this routine in mind for the future ^.^

    BTW I can't remember what that last one is called either. Lol

    1. Yay!! I love lifting now... I used to be a runner before my knee injury. I'm attempting to work back up to it. Do you have a membership to a gym? If you go to anytime we can go and workout after class sometime :)

      I'll post more workouts soon!! It's back and biceps night tonight!


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