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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pick Yourself Back Up

Hi everyone,
I have been super busy and debating what I should write for like a few days now.
I debated posting a workout, a recipe, continuing to update you on my boring life....
But I have decided that you need to know that my life isn't all eating healthy and working out.
I haven't worked out in about a month.  I am slightly terrified to speak those words, but I feel as though everyone goes through this.
After my birthday week of not working out, I completely fell off the bandwagon.  Then the boyfriend and I went on a roadtrip, and didn't have access to a gym, and now I am working on cleaning our house top to bottom so I can move my furniture, etc from my apartment in.
I don't really have time to even think, let alone workout.  I feel as thought that is a slight cop-out though.  I do have time....but that hour or two I have, I have been using to wind down and relax before bed.  I have learned to value sleep over everything.  Sleep, to me, is more important than working out...although, they are both at the top of my 'important things' list.
Instead of mentally bashing myself about not working out, I have tried to stay positive about other things that are going on. 
Wow, my hair is getting long and looks super sexy.
I vacuumed every room AND did all of the dishes. Way to get shit done!
I have made a list of needs and wants in order to save money, and I'm doing GREAT.
I have also been very aware of the support my boyfriend needs starting his new job.
My boyfriend loves me for who I am.
I have a great job.
I also keep in mind that it is more important to love yourself in order for other people to love you.  The boyfriend encourages me to workout if I want, will understand if I don't, but cares enough about me to know when it has gone too far.  If I stop loving my body, it would get difficult for him as well.  It is a fact.
Without stressing myself out about it, I need to start pushing myself to go, continuing to be happy with myself, and ease myself into it...once again.
The hardest thing I am dealing with right now is that my meniscus is still torn in my knee and I cannot do cardio.
I was trying to work into a heavier cardio workout when I found this out, bummer. Seriously.
I hope you are all doing well. I could use some encouragement.
XO Lauren 

1 comment:

  1. Lauren, this was a beautiful post.
    So honest.
    I loved it!
    Keep up the positivity in your life, it is working!


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