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Monday, July 29, 2013

Cake Cake Cake!!

This weekend I celebrated my birthday, and the celebration continues into tonight...obviously.
First, I got the boyfriend and I pedicures.  It was his first one...awwwwww

My boyfriend's brother's GF made me a cake and we all went to Six Flags.  I remembered liking it a lot more when I was younger.  The lines are just wayyy too long.  The rides were awesome though.

Trying to keep myself warm.  It was a high of JULY!

Yay bday cake!

Yesterday I made myself a banana bread cake with burnt butter frosting.  It was amazing, so the boyfriend and I woke up early to relax with coffee and cake!


I showed up to work today with amazing cards on my desk from my coworkers. They know me too well.

Kitty cat cards.

And one of my best friends here made me this amazing cookbook!  Finally! I might get oraganized.

....Good Lookin'

Also, someone must have known it was my birthday because my parking spot wasn't even taken after lunch! Yes. It's a good day.
Tonight I really want to get a yoga session in and I realllly want to pole tomorrow.  It has been too long, and I miss it.
XO Lauren
PS. Did you notice I dyed my hair? I dislike it a lot. Soooo I am going back Wednesday to have it re-done.  I'm such a brat.


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